I believe in YOU!

Life is full of challenges and just one of them is getting a job. Unfortunately it is easy to lose your motivation when you are looking for work. Knowing what to put in your resume and covering letter can also be tricky. And then there’s the dreaded interview which is often a necessary step to securing a job. Of course saying the right things when you are in an interview is very important too.

So who am I to help guide you along this sometimes pot holed road?

My name is Bronwyn Frazer and I have been for easily 100 or so interviews…maybe more. I’ve been ‘rejected’ for more jobs than I can count on my two hands. At one stage I had a substantial pile of ‘no thanks’ letters. But I have also had plenty of successes too.

And it is through my experiences – the good and the not so good – that I have plenty to share with you.

That’s why I have started this blog called ‘employ me’. My aim is to help you stay focused on getting employment, to give you helpful tips and to provide you with the inspiration to KEEP GOING.

I believe that everyone is employable. And with the right attitude, preparation and determination I believe that you will be employed too.

You know how I know? Because I have been where you are now. And I know that sometimes you need something or someone outside of you to help you and to say ‘I believe in you!’