Everyday businesses and people spend a lot of time, money and energy communicating their product and services. Unfortunately many are either complicating the message or not delivering it in a way that attracts or appeals to their target audience.

The bottom line is….

If your audience doesn’t understand what you are trying to say or they are not receiving/seeing your message, your communication efforts will be wasted.

Reach your target audience

Although we do it every day in some way, not all of us are great at communicating. It’s just not everyone’s specialty – especially when it comes to writing.
That’s where kiscomms can help you.
kiscomms is short for ‘keep it simple communications’.
We specialise in simplifying the message you are trying to communicate…whether it be to the media, potential clients, your employees, other businesses or stakeholders (such as government departments, community groups etc).

Our services include writing:
  • strategic communication plans…. which help you and your business have a schedule of when, where, how and what to communicate
  • media releases that SELL you, your business and your product to the media…who can then help promote you, for free, to your wider target audience
  • marketing and promotional material…such as brochures, documents, information kits, business cards, words for websites and other ‘support’ information
  • editorial ( or media stories) for magazines, newspapers and online sites
  • services such as editing and proofing draft documents including business proposals, websites, promotional documents, grants, sponsorship documents and books; and
  • mentoring to help you improve the way you write and communicate.

To discuss your project with kiscomms, contact us.